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DeBlaze & Associates is a public relations firm that specializes in the entertainment industry with a focus on jazz. We help create awareness, influence public attitudes and, hopefully, change behavior. Our main focus is entertainment media campaigns, but that is not all we do. Our public relations firm serves at a match-maker between organizational messages, the media and their audiences. Overall your reputation will soar to new heights! All clients receive one-on-one attention with a customized approach, designed to publicize, promote and achieve maximum exposure. We differentiate ourselves from competitors by offering services at half the cost, with better service, accuracy and fulfillment.

 About Dawn DeBlaze

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" amazing find.  Impressively connected, detailed in her work, leaving no stone harder than anyone I've ever known to get results for her clients.  She's creative, sharp, and generous with ideas, timely, passionate about truly helping her clients succeed and, without a doubt, among the finest people you'll ever meet.  I can't recommend Dawn enough for anyone needing P.R. -- especially if you are in the entertainment industry."

Cindy Panetti Cyr, Chief Creative Officer, Creative Documents (2009)

"...extremely well connected in the music and entertainment industries.  Your priorities, needs and values are important to her...the strongest beneift in working with Dawn is her ability to take your business needs, goals and problems...then offer solutions like they were her own business goals and needs.  DeBlaze and Associates has saved me time, money and frustration, and has helped me understand the processes involved in business..."

David Thompson, Owner, Dance Pizazz (2009)

"Once again your outstanding PR skills have made us shine!  Thank you so much for your commitment to the Jazz Festival.  Your passion for this event has certainly been our good fortune.  I don't think it gets any better than this year!

Gerry Welch, Mayor Webster Groves (2008)

"Thank you for all your information; definitely it makes my job easier with people like do a fantastic job.  I really cannot wait until the jazz fest.  You are the best.  I'm very impressed by your drive and ability to pull all this together...another example of your impressive 'can-do' style..." Linda Briggs-Harty, Freelance Writer/Publicist (2008)

" had a lot to do with the wonderful crowd that we had at our concert...I also know that you are a tireless crusader for jazz music...If we had more people like you, jazz music would be able to thrive in a much better environment."

Mike Vax, Mike Vax Big Band featuring Stan Kenton Alumni (2008)

"The world's greatest jazz publicist and my friend!  Thanks for all you do!"

Jim Widner, Director of Jazz Studies, Univeristy of MissouriSt. Louis (2008)

"I just received the March 2008 issue (JAZZed Magazine) featuring Jim Widner and the UMSL Jazz program.  This is great and I want to thank you for all you have done for us as well as jazz in general." Tom George, Chancellor, Univeristy of MissouriSt. Louis (2008)

"You are one of the people I don't thank often enough.  You are such a tremendous asset to the Finale team." Angela Gregory, Executive Producer, Contemporary Productions (2007)

"You are a GREAT representative of St. Louis jazz and it has been a pleasure and an honor working with you.  All the best for continued success!"

Dr. Mike Parkinson, Webster University, Chair Music Department (2007)

"You did a GREAT job!!!  It was wonderful working with you.  I feel that you are one of the best ever!  If we ever need a publicist, guess who we'll call?  You!"

Gwen & Clark Terry, NEA Jazz Master

"Thank you...for the wonderful job you did in helping to make the Al Hammerman, "All New Songs" - Benefit Concert for the Make-A-Wish Foundation, a great success!  Not only was the media coverage phenomenal, but your organization was a pleasure to work with."

Dr. Al Hammerman (Composer/Producer/Musician) (2006)

“This press release looks great, really informative and well-done. Thanks and have a blast at the festival!” – Byron Kerman, PLAYBACK Magazine
(Greater St. Louis Jazz Festival 2006)

"You did an outstanding job with the publicity. I was there Saturday night and Gore Avenue couldn't have held five more people.”
Barb Ehnes, Director Media and Community Relations, WEBSTER UNIVERSITY
(Old Webster Jazz Festival 2005)

“… we want to thank DeBlaze & Associates for the remarkable assistance for the following: (1) Timely news releases that included more exacting, effective prose (2) The Fox 2 television spot viewed by a number of people, and even though some could not attend, it sparked increased donations (3) The article written by Terry Perkins in 'Get-Out' encouraged walk-ins at the event, especially students. Overall we would rate DeBlaze & Associates an A in the overall effectiveness of public relations for this special event. “


Gloria Taylor, Project Manager & Executive Director, COMMUNITY WOMEN AGAINST HARDSHIP
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