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Fans Inspire Jazz Guitarist B.D. Lenz's New CD Five and Live

"Featuring a Scorching Live Set and Brand New Song"

"An accomplished musician, Lenz blends a unique style of funky

soul, rhythm and blues and jazz music..."  - Sun Gazette

"...Lenz's music portrays his deep attachment to groove and rhythm

as well as an uncanny ability to craft interesting and

memorable melodies..." - All About Jazz


Photo Credit: Peter Chin

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          Who:           B.D. Lenz, Dan Paul, Geoff Mattoon, Tom Cottone,

                              James Rosocha, Josh Orlando

          What:          New CD Release "Five and Live" by B.D. Lenz

          When:         November 1, 2010

          Where:       Hackettstown, NJ

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Hackettstown, NJ - USA - November 1, 2010 Contemporary jazz guitarist and composer, B.D. Lenz delivers a scorching live set on his new CD, Five and Live -- answering his fans' appeals to capture and record the raw passion he delivers during his live performances.  B.D. Lenz released his seventh CD today featuring recordings made during east coast gigs.  Taking a different approach, Lenz for the first time recorded all performances in a live setting instead of in the controlled recording studio environment fans are accustomed to hearing on his CDs.

In answer to the re-occuring question from fans, "When are you going to make a live recording?"  Lenz, with the help of engineer Steve Kelly, recorded three gigs spanning eight months time.  Recordings took place at Cape May Jazz Festival, Triumph Brewery, and Westfield Jazz Festival.  Creating a cross section of material he and his band have been playing for the past few years, Lenz says, "Throughout my career I've viewed by recording endeavors as a separate art and entity from playing live gigs.  Yet all that architecture brings a restraint that some who've seen us live over the years find incomplete.  It is my hope that this record is the answer to my fans' frustration."

The never-recorded-before, 'Brother, You Will Know' written specifically by Lenz for this album, is one of six originals and four classic cover tunes on the CD.  Lenz says, “Most of the tunes are originals that we've played for the past few years.  A couple are covers that are staples of our live set such as ‘People Get Ready’ and  ‘Superstition‘ and then to narrow down a few more tunes I took a poll of my fans on my website.” Lenz also included a new arrangement of one of his favorite original tunes, ' Uh-Huh' since the original recording didn’t include sax. He also includes another evolved arrangement of the tune, 'Smooth Sailing.'  Reflecting on the live performances Lenz says, 'People Get Ready' recorded at the Cape May Fest is “the best we’ve ever played it...” and adds, “...this CD shows a side of us that hasn’t been reflected on my studio records—that of us just going for it with no inhibitions.  It’s pretty rockin’!”

About the Artist

Mix together the styles of Pat Metheny, Mike Stern, and Stevie Ray Vaughn and you have the recipe for one of the hottest new contempo-jazz guitarists on the scene today.  Since the age of fourteen, B.D. Lenz has played guitar and studied wth the greats like Mike Stern, Vic Juris, and Charlie Banacos.  He has released seven recordings as a leader featuring jazz luminaries Randy Brecker, Will Lee, Mark Eagan, and Joel Rosenblatt among others, and his music has been featured in over 100 TV shows internationally.  Voted GIGMASTERS top jazz group for the past two consecutive years, the Godin-endorsed guitarist has performed throughout the U.S. and U.K., keeping the audience on their feet whether playing jazz, fusion, or jam.


B.D. Lenz   (guitar)

Dan Paul   (keyboard)

Tom Cottone   (drums, except “Bridges” & “Juxtaposition”)

Geoff Mattoon  (wind controller, tenor sax)

James Rosocha   (bass)

Josh Orlando   (drums on “Bridges” & “Juxtaposition”)

Engineer   (Steve Kelly)

Photography   (Tonette Madsen (cover/back photos); Bob DeLessa & Shore Images Photography; Sandra Muldoon & Cloud Nine Photography; J. Foster Imagery; Louis Milburn Photography; Linsey Li; George Graham; Darbe Images; Steve Moran/Lifeslicez Media)

Artwork  (B.D. Lenz)

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